DVDAuthor is a set of tools to help you author the file and directory structure of a DVD-Video disc, including programmatic commands for implementing interactive behaviour. It is driven by command lines and XML control files, though there are other programs that provide GUI-based front ends if you prefer (see below).

Things DVDAuthor does not do:

Basic workflow:


See the download pages for current releases. A ChangeLog is accessible here.

Alpha releases are obtainable from GitHub. The commit history may be tracked here.

To report bugs, request feature enhancements etc, join the dvdauthor-users mailing list.

If you're a distro package maintainer, or otherwise feel the urge to hack the code, submit patches etc, then join the dvdauthor-developer mailing list. I'd recommend developers also join the dvdauthor-users list, to keep an eye on bug reports and feature requests from the users.


The ever-evolving book is located online here.


Useful Programs

GUI Frontends

Other Frontends



Historical Stuff

The following information is obsolete.

Alpha releases can be downloaded via source control, which uses darcs. The repository URL is http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/darcs For those new to darcs, the quick way to get started is to type:

darcs get --partial --repo-name=dvdauthor http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/darcs

This will pull a partial repository; you will not be able to examine history before the most recently released version of dvdauthor. If you want a full repository, omit --partial, but it may affect the reliability of the download. Sourceforge is not set up for repositories of this nature.

Some (optional) patches I have collected: