Table of Contents
1. Examples
1.1. Running the tools
1.1.1. Creating the DVD filesystem with dvdauthor
1.1.2. Adding subtitles with spumux
1.1.3. Creating a movie source from video and audio with mplex
1.1.4. Creating video from bitmap images with mpeg2enc
1.1.5. Creating a blank audio track with toolame
1.2. Creating a title
1.2.1. One chapter, one source
1.2.2. Two chapters, two sources
1.2.3. One chapter, two sources
1.2.4. Two chapters, one source
1.2.5. Looping
1.2.6. Pausing
A. Language Codes
I. DVDAuthor Man Pages
dvdauthor -- assembles multiple mpeg program streams into a suitable DVD filesystem
dvddirdel --  Deletes a previously authored DVD directory structure in DIR
dvdunauthor --  Removes DVD-Video file structure
mpeg2desc --  multiplex audio/video streams
spumux -- generates and multiplexes subtitles into an existing mpeg2 program stream
spuunmux --  demultiplexes subtitles from an existing mpeg2 program stream
List of Tables
A-1. Sorted By Language Name
A-2. Sorted By Language Code
A-3. Sorted By Language Group